Aireloom Mattress Review
Innerspring Mattress

Aireloom Mattress Review

Aireloom Innerspring Mattress

Aireloom Innerspring Mattress



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            Aireloom delivers a unique brand of the mattress; for most people who love crafts these handmade luxurious look mattresses are one of a kind. Established in 1940 and merge with E.S Kluft & Company in 2004. This mattress maker stays popular among its rivals and was rated as A+ business and manufacturer by BBB. The company continues to provide comfortable night’s sleep with an outstanding value.

            Aireloom Mattress Design and Features

            Aireloom/ Kluft are constructed based on today’s high technology with an added personal touch from a skilled artist. The outer fabric has distinctive quilting designs and hands crafted side walls.

            Kluft mattress designs are tailored to conform to your body resulting in a restful night of sleep. The mattresses may also contain one or a mixture of these materials namely cotton, wool, latex, memory foam or regular foam.

            Aierloom/Kluft innerspring mattress has pocketed coils encased with soy foam that eliminates motion transfer this means that you won’t feel any movement thus it makes you sleep easier even when you have a partner sleeping next to you.

            There are different model designs of Aireloom/Kluft in the market some of them are Kluft Ashton Streamline Luxury Firm, Kluft Biltmore Luxe Top and Kluft Palmetta Ultra Plush Luxe Top. All are handmade but differ in firmness and plush. All products are industrially advanced and environmentally friendly.

            Health Benefits

            The mattresses are designed to provide superior support and help you achieve the good physical shape. Aireloom / Kluft mattresses may offer beyond the standard comfort level which reduces strain and anxiety during sleeping.

            The Price

            How expensive is a handmade mattress? An Aireloom/ Kluft handmade mattress ranges from $1300-$7500+, the price varies depending on size and model.

            The Bad Side

            In three years time you will reap the rewards of a top-of-the-line mattress. However, Aireloom/Kluft mattress sagged and developed pockmarks with prolonged used. Although it offers health benefits in its early years, problem occurs as it gets older in your possession. This setback can affect your health and may even cause pain. Nonetheless this is common in every innerspring bed in general.

            Airloom Mattress Warranty

            Aireloom/ Kluft models have 10-year no prorated warranty. I suggest you read your warranty’s foundation and follow them. Mattress companies are strict when it comes to warranty; they are not flexible and wouldn’t give leeway on specific issues.

            Overall Satisfaction

            As a conclusion based on the experience of owners, an Aireloom / Kluft mattresses has an overall 75% rating. This is an SLTD rating which is considerably above average compared to its competitors.

            Many satisfied owners have provided Aireloom/Kluft mattress reviews that highlight its true value. But aside from the luxurious looks, these mattresses may also bring ease to your body as you take a rest in a period of time. Not a bad rating for a mattress that promises comfort and style.

            Please take note that the review above is based on the experience of owners, your own view regarding the mattress on review may differ accordingly.