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Casper Mattress Review

Casper is a brand new company in the world of mattresses but has been able to establish itself as one of the best companies around. So, is Casper worthy of all the hype it has created in the last few years? Read on for our unbiased Casper mattress review – the King of the online mattress industry.

Casper Mattress Construction

Casper is one of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses that has a latex over foam construction. It is soundly constructed and delivers great value. The company spent significant time in testing a combination of various materials before they came up with the right formula for the Casper mattress. A hybridized blend of two patented materials has been used across the four individual layers of the mattress.

The base layer of the mattress is made of 5 inches of polyurethane foam. It is this layer that supports and gives strength to the comfort layers above and makes the mattress really durable. The second layer that is made of transition foam is 1.5 inches thick and provides comfort and also facilitates consistent weight distribution. The third layer too is 1.5 inches thick but made of high-density memory foam that provides tremendous pressure relief. The topmost layer is made of 1.5 inches thick open cell hypoallergenic Dunlop latex, and it is this layer that keeps you cool at night.

These four layers are enveloped in a polyester zipper cover that has grey sides and a clear white top that is flexible, resilient and breathable.

Why Choose Casper Mattress?

With a dozen options in the market, why should you pick Casper? For starts, Casper mattress is affordable and does not cost several thousand dollars to own one. If you are looking for a medium firm mattress, you cannot get better than the Casper. This mattress has a universal comfort design and can be rated six out of 10 on the firmness scale. However, on testing, we opine that this mattress is best suited for petite, medium weight and tall sleepers. Casper can be a tad bit unsupportive for heavier sleepers.

Sleepers who prefer a resilient feel will love the Casper. Since this mattress layers latex over memory foam, it has a very resilient feel to it. The mattress has a good bounce to it, and conforms to your body rather quickly.

Other Takeaways

Mattress Sleeps Cool If you live in a warm region, this mattress may be a good buy. Choosing latex over memory foam has paid off for the company. On testing, we did not find the mattress go very hot or uncomfortable at any time. This is the best mattress, hands down, for average cooling needs.

Motion Transfer Casper provides better movement isolation than most traditional spring mattresses on the market. It does a good job at striking the perfect balance between a comfortable bounce and good motion isolation. If your partner is sleeping over 6 inches away, you will sleep like a baby undisturbed by their tossing and turning.

Casper Unboxing and Trial Period

Casper mattress comes rolled up like a spring-loaded burrito. It weighs about 70 pounds and is twice as heavy as other mattresses. Be prepared if you have to lug it up the stairs. Unboxing, on the other hand, is plain fun. You first need to use a letter opened to slice through the shrink wrap. And, voila the mattress unfurls and expands on your bed frame like magic. You may experience a lot of smell with your Casper mattress during the first few days. The strong odors will dissipate by the end of the week.

The company offers a 100-night trial. If you do not like the feel, design or anything else about the mattress, you can return it for a full refund.

What Is the Casper Mattress Warranty?

Casper’s mattresses are warrantied for a good 10 years against workmanship flaws and defect in the material used in them. All you need to do is reach out to the customer support to file a warranty claim. The return and warranty policies are top notch and customer friendly.

How Much Does A Casper Bed Cost?

The Casper mattress prices vary on the size you choose.  A Twin size will cost you $500, a queen $850 and a King just $950.  Unlike other companies, this price is inclusive of shipping. Place your order, and it will reach your doorstep in just 1-5 business days.

So, Do We Recommend Casper?

Casper is a mattress that is made of superior quality material and offers great support, comfort and pressure relief. It is one of the best latex options in the market and is value for money. We were fairly impressed with the mattress and certainly recommend it to average weight sleepers looking for medium firmness and good support.