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Innerspring Mattress

Denver Mattress Review

Denver Innerspring Mattress

Denver Innerspring Mattress



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            Denver Mattress Company started its business in 1980s. From then on they devoted their time in research and development to come up with the finest mattresses. They have wide choices of products and had invested in making them world class.

            One Industrial Factory

            Denver’s has only one dedicated factory that is why it is the busiest factory in the country which give them full control over product monitoring, quality and pricing. Their factory is one of the most advanced and efficient in the world with a scalable and adaptable manufacturing system. Products are produce just in time eliminating work in process handling.

            The idea of having just one factory helps Denver to control the whole process of manufacturing and sales.  It enables them to maintain high quality control standards, and deliver a more consistent product without the cost of multiple factory producers.

            Affordable Mattress

            Promising good quality at a fair price Denver Mattresses offers factory-direct savings. You don’t need a middle man to purchase your own mattress saving you up to 50%, when compared to other major mattress brands. All of their mattresses are guaranteed to have superior finish.

            As I quote they promise to provide a “much better mattress, made from much better materials, for a much better price.”


            Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice

            Denver’s Mattress Doctor’s Choice is one of the most popular mattresses created by the company. Co-created together with satisfied customer Brian Wieder the mattress has an exceptional feature that gently support your body’s posture as you sleep eliminating stress the next morning.

            While sleeping we tend to move more unconsciously resulting to body aches when we wake up in the morning. Thus our body reacts easily to these pressure points and we feel the pain. Doctors recommend this mattress in order for us to feel relief and totally eliminate the soreness.

            The Material Inside

            Doctors choice features pressure response zoned coils and a high density foam. Compared to other mattress this one measures 1.8 lbs.  while other mattresses only measure 1.1- 1.5 lbs. The result is a durable mattress that lasts longer.

            An added trait would be better comfort, quality, and value. Therefore you get the best value for your money with the best nights ever.

            Denver Mattress Warranty and Return policy2

            Denver Mattress offers 5-15 years non-prorated warranty depending on model you choose. They also offer a 120-day return policy that includes a money-back option.

            The Concluded Rating

            Most owners are satisfied with Denver mattresses. Although not perfect and with flaws like sagging which weakens support and comfort it still has an above average rating; considering the price as well as quality and with limited reports of odor and hot temperature during sleeping.

            It is acceptable that you might experience drooping of the bed due to prolonged use; this is mostly present in every mattress.

            Take note that the affordable Denver Mattress models which start at $500 or less are recommended only for light weighted adults or kids. They can also be use temporarily or occasionally and not for everyday use.

            The information given above is gathered around owners of Denver mattresses. Your own opinion may be different and is respected.