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Duxiana (Dux Bed) Mattress

Duxiana (Dux Bed) Mattress



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            Dux was started in 1926 by Efraim Ljung the founding chairman. Since then Dux beds have dominated the bed industry. Today Dux beds are available not only in the United State but also in other parts of North America as well as Europe, Middles East and Asia Pacific Region.

            Every company claims to be the best in what they do. We can’t blame them since they exert so much effort in every product they deliver. Although flaws are seen when put into test they try to improve it and come up with a better one.

            At first look the mattresses looks good and elegant but let’s move closer into the materials. See what’s inside it for a better review.

            Good to know

            Dux beds use nature’s strong and durable materials such as steel, pine, cotton and natural latex.  Every product undergoes a pressure and strength test. In order to test the strength a 280-pound solid wood rolls from side to side as well as back and forth 600,000 times, on each newly produced beds in a week which is equivalent to 30 years of use.

            Dux uses what they call the Pascal system that measure pressure. The springs of a bed are arranged according to the body’s comfort zone. Springs are fitted with a soft, medium or firm cassette. Thus both sides of a double bed adapt to the users preferences and needs.


            The springs used are Swedish made continuous coil mattresses. That has a higher coil count compared to ordinary mattress. Their coil count ranges from 1,200 – 3,000 for a queen size bed while an ordinary mattress average number of coil is 1,000.

            It Alleviate Back Pain

            The company really spends some time in research and development that is why they emphasize how well the Dux bed combats back pain.  They draw attention to the dynamic contouring support of the mattress. You can also customize it based on your height and weight in order to achieve its best performance while you’re sleeping.

            Duxiana Bed Prices and models

            An expensive Duxiana Dux 515 model would cost you $7,595 while on the other hand low end Duxiana Dux 101 is priced at $4,800. 

            The Downside

            The main concern about Dux is the price. An ordinary citizen cannot afford it. There are other brands out there that can give you better deal with the same benefits.  From gathered reports of consumers across America it’s difficult to get a DUX bed due to its limited availability.

            Additionally testimony of buyers says that their less-than-optimal return policy sucks; as such these issues are something to consider



            For an overall rating, the company did a great work in alleviating back pain.  In general, the quality of Dux is quite high.  The production has an awesome strategy for extra longevity.  In fact I like the way in which you can customize it in order to get your ideal sleeping experience. Another thing to note, however, is that with the strategy of production it earned the highest spot on durability test thus it last longer than a typical mattress which simulates eight years of use. That should give you a value for your money.

            As I always say on my other review prices and features may vary at the time you read this article. I hope this review would help you decide on what brand to settle for when it comes to mattress.