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Eight Sleep Mattress Review – A mattress set to change the way you sleep

If you are on the lookout for a mattress that helps you get a good night’s sleep, look no further. Eight sleep may be just the mattress you have been scouring the market for. Eight Sleep mattress coupled with Eight sleep tracking technology is all set to change the way you sleep. The company has left no stone unturned in putting together a mattress that meets a wide array of sleeper’s requirements and needs. Can Eight Sleep’s formula of a universal comfort mattress coupled with a sleep tracking technology layer win the hearts of users? Read this Eight sleep mattress review to know more.

Eight Sleep Construction

Let us start with the construction of the mattress. Eight Sleep is an all foam mattress made from four layers and measure 10 inches in thickness.

The top layer that offers cooling and comfort is made from two inches of reactive poly foam. It offers a great level of comfort and exhibits a faster response time. You will never experience a stuck feeling thanks to this layer. The density of this layer is 3.0 PCF

The second layer is made from 2 inches of memory foam. This layer that has been placed just beneath a responsive top layer helps provide better contour without making you feel like you are stuck inside the mattress. The density of this layer is 4.0 PCF.

The third layer is designed to provide support and is made from 2 inches of transition foam. It also acts as the transitional layer between the mattresses’ base layer and top comfort layers.

The bottom most layer which is the foundation layer of the mattress is made from 4 inches of high-density foam. This layer provides deep compression support for the sleepers. It also helps maintain the shape as well as the integrity of the mattress. The density of this layer is 1.8 PCF.

Eight Mattress Cover

The cover of the mattress is fairly simple, but nice to feel and touch. It is made from 100% polyester that improves breathability as well as elasticity. The cover is all white and has small pores on the top. The cover is very thin, but provides a soft feel for the sleeper. This design achieves the best results from the sleep tracking technology layer.

Eight Sleep – Firmness, Feel, & Support

This mattress is designed to provide universal comfort. We rate the mattress about 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Eight Sleep offers a rather well-rounded and balanced feel. The mattress strikes a perfect balance between good responsiveness and a comfortable memory foam hug. The top comfort layers are very responsive and work in conjunction with the memory foam core to create an all-natural underlying hug and contour, with the right amount of bounce.

On testing the mattress, we found that we could sleep comfortably on our stomach, side or back. The mattress supports you body  in all three positions. The three top layers together provide enough contour and hug that you can sleep comfortably on your side, back or stomach. This mattress is ideal for light, average, and even heavy sleepers thanks to the four inches of comfort foam coupled with two inches of transition foam.


Eight Sleep does a fine job when it comes to cooling. The top layer is highly responsive and avoids an enveloped feel. This ensures there is no heat build-up or warm spots around your body when you sleep.  The thin and porous cover too adds to improved breathability. Sleepers with average cooling needs will find this mattress ideal.

Bounce and Motion Transfer

The reactive polyfoam top layer does it all for the Eight Sleep Mattress. The mattress has the right amount of bounce to it, which is a little more than what you will experience on a memory foam mattress and a little less than what you would get from a hybrid or latex mattress.

Motion isolation, on the other hand, is not really the best on this mattress. And, every eight sleep mattress review online will vouch for this. You will experience a little more motion transfer across Eight Sleep when compared to other mattresses in the same segment. As per our eight sleep mattress review, it is certainly not an overbearing level of movement, but light sleepers may find it disappointing.

Eight Sleep Technology

The Eight Sleep tech layer goes right over the top layer and plugs into the mattress. It helps provide you a better insight into your sleep patterns that can help you improve your sleep. Smart alarm and dual zone warming are other really cool features of this layer.

Eight Sleep Mattress Review- Shipping, Warranty, and Trial

Eight Sleep comes with ten years of warranty and 100 nights of free trial like most other mattresses. Shipping is free and ships within 7-10 days from the date of order. A Queen size will cost you $1099, while a King size Eight Sleep mattress will cost you $1,249.

Final Verdict

The Eight Sleep System is a great way to get a real insight and some objective data on how you sleep. It is easy to set up, and works like a charm. Try this mattress if you are looking for a memory foam mattress and looking for newer ways to improve your sleep.