Hästens Mattress Review
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Hästens Mattress Review

Hästens Mattress Review

Hästens Mattress Review



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            My first impression on this company is richness. Why? From a model endorser to an explorer why would a company spend so much on advertising if it doesn’t have much to offer. Founded in 1852 this company offer comfort through their grand luxury mattresses.

            Today Hasten is lead by Jan Ryde, just like his grandfather Jan carry with him the passion of making the best ever mattress.  He proudly carries the master traditions into the 21st century. The small family-owned company has now expanded its markets to 37 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

            Made For the Royal Family

            Hasten is the only brand granted by the King of Sweden to supply products to the Royal Court. Since 1952 they have been delivering their products to be used by the Royal family. No other brand holds this kind of reputation. That is why Hasten has been tag as the official bed of the rich.


            Hasten Mattress Price

            Hästens beds priced usually starts at $3,600 depending on model and size. The total price may also change depending on the accessories you added. Aside from that the maintenance cost can be pricey since you’re buying a royal brand. You can opt for a less expensive bed with similar or better owner satisfaction.

            The Package

            From Vividus to Novoria Hasten have eleven (11) models of mattress to offer. Each model has unique feature but the materials of a top mattress may include 100 % cotton jacquard bolster fabric which has intricately woven pattern and genuine horsetail hair.

            On the base part is another layer of bolster fabric, with pocket spring system that is 15 cm high. For total support there are individual springs around the edges making the mattress firmer.  A cotton lining is put beneath the base that prevents dust from entering the bed from below.


            Hastens gives up a 25-year warranty that covers the mattress and springs; take note the topper is not included on the warranty. Therefore please be advice to check with your store whenever you make a purchase. Additionally return policy vary from store to store.

            Hästens Mattress Review

            Overall View

            Hansens mattress durability is generally higher compared to other innerspring-based mattresses. However, top pad needs to be replaced every 4-7 years. Most complains boils down to cost of maintenance, such as replacing worn out parts.

            Before buying I recommend you take the time to check it properly to make sure you’re making the right choice. As I’ve said from previous reviews your sleep pattern matters and seriously considers it before making a decision.

            Additionally take note of the instructions that they’ll be giving you.  Unfailingly flip the mattress during the first year. This will prolong the lifespan of your mattress since it will settle evenly.

            As a conclusion Hansen mattress has a potential to last longer, still its prolonged existence depends on the owner. If you take good care of it I’m sure it will last longer than expected Buying one means you own a prestigious product made specifically for royals.