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Helix Mattress Review – Should you buy one?

Meet the Helix – an all new take on the mattress in a box concept, set to revolutionize the way the world sleeps. Helix sleep is a new startup company that has come up an innovative sleep solution that caters to the needs of every sleeper. Helix helps you custom make a mattress for your self. But, does a custom mattress design make a difference? Let us put it to test. Read this Helix mattress review to know what Helix is all about!

Helix Mattress Construction

Like always, we begin our Helix mattress review, with the construction of the mattress yet again. You can customize Helix as per your needs and preferences. Hence, the layers differ from mattress to mattress. However, the materials used to put the mattress together are similar. For the sake of reviewing, we will take you through the basic combination of layers in a Helix mattress. These layers may go a level up or down, and may vary in thickness based on your customization.

Helix 10 inch mattress Construction

Top Layer: 

The top layer of the mattress uses responsive poly foam of two-inch thickness. This layer of foam is unlike any other foam and is designed just for Helix. Helix dynamic foam is a lot like latex minus its drawbacks. This patented material gives the mattress, good bounce, responsiveness and also cooling. The foam used may vary in firmness levels (ILD 10-30) based on the needs of the sleeper.

Second Layer:

The second layer that is designed to support and pressure relief is made from 2.4″ layer of microcoils in this variant. Microcoils are nothing but miniature coils that are engineered to provide pressure relief, bounce, and a nice softness to the mattress.  This layer has 1,350 individual coils which help give the mattress shape and also improve cooling.  The ILD of this layer is always a fixed 18.

Third Layer:

The third layer is what gives the mattress and user support. A minimum of 2 inches of poly foam is used to make this transitional support layer. This layer’s function is to support the comfort layers above and the base layer below. It also provides deep compression support. This layer has a density of 1.8 PCF and an ILD of 20-26.

As in all other mattresses, the bottom layer is the foundation layer and is made of a minimum 4-inch thick support foam that is split into two separate foam layers). The density of this layer is 1.8 PCF and the ILD range from 26-33.

The cover of the mattress is made out of 100% polyester. The top is all white and soft to touch. The blue side panels have a more sturdy feel and help in protecting the mattress. The design of the cover is simplistic yet modern, with an elegant checkerboard pattern on the top. It is very thin and has no padding whatsoever. This helps improve cooling and also allows sleepers to engage with the many layers of foam and micro-coils.

Helix Mattress Firmness & Support

You will be asked to fill out a short mattress quiz to assess your specific requirements, desires, and needs from your mattress. The quiz covers questions like number of sleepers, height, gender, weight, body type, cooling needs, medical issues, and firmness preference. The result is displayed based on four major pillars – point elasticity, feel, support, temperature regulation. Based on these results, the mattress is customized. It can be as firm as 9 out of 10 on the firmness scale or as soft as 3 out of 10.

Bounce and Motion Transfer

The bounce is one of the most noted attributes of this mattress. Thanks to its many layers of responsive foam, this mattress does great in the bounce test and is perfect for those looking for a mattress for amorous activities. The motion isolation is not as brilliant as we hoped it would be; however Helix does better than most coil mattresses. According to our Helix Mattress review, you will do good with this mattress if you are looking for one that is firm and has a good bouncy feel to it.

Helix Mattress Warranty, Shipping and Trial

The helix comes with a ten-year standard warranty. This covers any workmanship flaws and material defects as long as you have used the mattress as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can try the mattress for 100 nights and return it if you do not like the feel or support it provides. The company assumes complete responsibility of picking up the mattress and issuing a full refund. The mattress ships free within the United States. You will have to pay just $CAD 150 if you want it shipped to Canada. The mattress will reach you in a roll pack and may take three days for decompressing.

Helix Bed Review- Final Verdict

After our Helix Mattress Review, we believe this is a mattress you must try. At its price range, it is a great buy and is ideal for those living in warmer places. You can also personalize the two halves of the bed based on your needs and your partner’s preferences. This means you get two beds at the price of one. This is a mattress that will not disappoint.