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            IKEA is a company based in North America known for their quality home furniture. Today IKEA’s new line of products includes mattresses. From latex, foam and spring mattresses IKEA has it all.

            Comfort Level

            IKEA latex mattresses are known for their good quality which provides every user with the support it needs on some body parts promoting a peaceful sleep. Their latex mattress earns an SLTD rating of 79% for everyday adult use while 91% of limited usage. Generally speaking, IKEA’s more expensive models perform better than the inexpensive one.

            IKEA Mattress – What’s inside?

            Inside an IKEA spring mattress, you’ll see fiberfill and regular foam. Some selected models may have memory foam, mini springs and pocket coils. An IKEA foam mattresses are made entirely of regular foam and some high priced models may have a fraction of memory foam over regular foam.  While an IKEA latex mattress is entirely made of latex foam. This is the main reason why most products are affordable the materials used vary based on the type of mattress.


            The Good Side

            Offering inexpensive furniture’s IKEA make it a point to produce low price with good quality mattresses. As low as $79 you can get an IKEA twin size Jomna Mattress. IKEA offers a variety of models, therefore, you’ll have more options to choose from.

            IKEA’s packaging style is different when you buy a mattress it is easily rolled up into a tube. You may carry it effortless and bring it home.  IKEA sales staff will suggest you to unpacked it days before you sleep on it, giving it time to loosen it up itself from the roll up.


            If you’re planning to buy a mattress from IKEA you’ll have the option to choose from the low, middle to a higher priced product. It all depends on your budget and needs.

            IKEA are fairly priced; each product is believed to pass rigid test this means that you get a value for your money

            The cheapest mattress start at $79 for a twin size and the price goes up based on the model, size and material. Most of these mattresses are available in twin, full-queen and king-sizes. The thickness and firmness may vary according to the mattress type.


            The Bad Side

            The bad side may be at variance from model to model. That is why I recommend you to try the mattress at any IKEA store before purchasing it. Mattresses below $400 may be used for a limited time only, these mattresses are also suited for children and low weighted adults.

            IKEA Mattress Warranty

            IKEA gives up a 25-year warranty against manufacturer defects and not through wear and tear.

            Bottom Line

            IKEA’s is one of the companies that garnered positive reviews due to its budget-friendly products. If you’re on a budget this brand is for you. It is economically friendly and caters every consumer needs.  The reason why IKEA mattresses are less expensive is that the thickness of the foam is below the average.  Synthetic latex is often used as to counter the more expensive natural latex.

            IKEA’s mattresses have their own advantages and disadvantages, so consider your needs and budget when making a purchase.