king koil mattress review
Innerspring Mattress

King Koil Mattress Review

King Koil Innerspring Mattress

King Koil Innerspring Mattress



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            Originally the company’s name was United States Bedding. It was in 1930 when they adopted the name King Koil from then on the company grew serving about 80 countries. Currently, the head office is located in Chicago Illinois. King Koils mattresses can be found in some of the world’s finest hotels.

            King Koil Mattress

            King Koil has 3 types of mattress which include innerspring, memory foam and hybrid. Among their mattress collections are World Luxury, Extended Life, Laura Ashley, World Edition and iMattress. They also offer five comfort levels such as ultra plush, plush, firm, extra firm and medium firm.

            World Luxury is an innerspring mattress that employs the most recent in foam technology and encased coil innerspring. Extended Life is another innerspring mattress that has passed extended life testing. King Koil promises extended life of comfort and support with this model. Laura Ashley is a mattress made for the popular home furnishing design brand Laura Ashley. You have the option of Soft or firm innerspring or foam.


            World Edition is an innerspring mattress that features a coil and foam encasement system. The only mattress endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA). iMattress is a reinvented memory foam mattress of King Koil. Made of visco memory foam the company promises to give sleepers 12x more breathability that increases air exchange up to 400% against standard visco memory foam.

            Pros and Cons

            King Koil is mostly known for its value prices innerspring mattresses with limited heat trap and initial odor.  As opposed to their claim of serving 80 countries there is a limited availability in the western half of U.S. The comfort surface is more often than not fitted with silk and wool blended comfort layer.

            On the good side, unlike other brands, most of their mattresses are one side sleep design and with no flipping requirement. Luxury lines mattresses have within them comfort Advanta gel which provides comfort as well as the cooler sleeping surface.

            While they claim to be good in what they do King Koil owners report that their mattress sagged and lost support within three years of regular use.

            Sleep ID

            King Koil has partnered with ICA, the International Chiropractic Association. As a result of their partnership, the Company launches Sleep ID it’s all about learning which mattress suits you.  It identifies your comfort identity while sleeping as determined by ample and enough support from your spinal column and primary areas of your body where weight is distributed. This is a good partnership with great benefits.

            An Overall View

            The price of a King Koil mattress may vary according to the model selected. On average it will cost you $350-$2,800.  While additional cost is given for foundations.

            The company also offers 5-25 years based on the model. A King Koil Extended Life mattress has 25 years of warranty and likely performs well for people over 230 pounds. Owners complain of off-gassing and heat retention, some models that use a coil system other than independently encased coils have a possibility to regularly squeal and rasp.