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            Kingsdown Mattress was founded in 1904 with the original name of The Mebane Bedding Company. Based in North Carolina the company has been providing mattresses for over 110 years.

            Kingsdown Mattress Features

            The main product of the Kingsdown is their innerspring mattresses.  They also offer different types of mattresses like hybrid, intelligent, latex foam and latex memory. Some of their top of the line models includes Body Perfect, Crown Imperial, Diamond Royale, Downton Abbey, Haute Couture, Miro, Passions , Sleep Haven, Sleep Smart, Sleep to Live, Tradition, My Side,  and Kingsdown Kids.  These models are the latest top of the line collections.

            Most of the models are created using these materials memory foam, cushioning foam and latex foam. Miro and Sleep haven are the only model that has no coils on it; made of foam and a wooden foundation


            The Pros and Cons

            The company is unique in a sense that it has a diagnostic system available online and at selected retailers. The diagnostic system generates a personal profile for each customer to help them select the proper mattress.

            That is why the manufacturer claims to provide smart mattresses due to their diagnostic system.  The mattress is designed basically to provide optimal body alignment and spinal health. The added good side is that some models have advanced features, high coil count, and luxurious conforming materials. 

            Base on owners experience the mattresses have limited heat trap and initial odor. The smell called off gassing comes from memory foam. Since most Kingsdown mattress are made of memory foam owners claim that these mattresses has the potential of off gassing.  Some models are highly affordable and can be purchase online. The company has rated “B” by SLTD.

            Take note that Kingsdown mattresses with separately wrapped coils offer above average motion isolation while models with open coils do not perform very well.

            You can have your own KIngsdown mattress for $400-$4000+ depending on size and model. As always you’ll be charged for the foundation. If you’re opting for a queen size it will cost you around $2000.

            On the warranty side Kingsdown offer 10-20 years of warranty it all depends on the model you purchase. They’ll give you a 20 year warranty for a Diamond Royale.  However you better be careful when arguing about your warranty claim with them. According to Better Business Bureau Kingsdown have a fairly high number of warranty issues. If you’re looking for this brand of mattress major retailers include Mattress Warehouse or and Sit n’ Sleep. The bad news is it is difficult to locate in several markets.

            Overall View

            As a conclusion the company feels every consumers need; their needs of a better and calm sleep. The diagnostic system is a unique marketing strategy that only Kingsdown  can benefit. Based on their smart online diagnostic system users can opt for customized mattresses that best fit their needs and answers their health problems. The Kingsdown mattresses are admired for their devotion to help customers battle their sleeping problems.