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            Manufactured from California Sealy Mattress is known as an iconic brand due to its long existence in the market. Competing with known brands, Sealy made their own mark which holds the high-quality innerspring mattress in the world. Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are the latest product line.  Below are some insights that you can brood over when considering it as your next mattress at home. 

            Quality and Style

            Looking closely at Sealy product the mattress is made of high-quality materials making it one of the most popular brands. The titanium-alloy Apex Coils are individually wrapped with a low incidence of heat retention to prevent motion transfer and provide perfect sleep for the user. What makes it unique from others is the extra coil that gives the mattress more strength and density.


            The covers are made of premium quality fabric since it will closely touch your body the top cover is designed to deliver cooling comfort. Made up of layers of foam the materials used undergone climate treatment to suit any environment.

            They also have wide selections of models that you can choose from. They have different designs that include original Posturepedic Series, the Posturepedic Plus Series and the Premium Hybrid Series. Each has a unique feature that would suit every user need.

            Negative Side

             Though beautifully designed there are still minor flaws. Other review sites report that within 3 years of ownership owners experience sagging within 6 years of usage you’ll decide to change it to a new one.  This observation among owners of innerspring bed is always present. Thus the period of durability is much longer compared to other brands.

            Sealy Posturepedic Value for Money

            Price for a Posturepedic Series starts at $599 while a Posturepedic Plus Series starts $999 and a Posturepedic Premiere Hybrid Series starts at $1299.

            You might think that it’s an expensive mattress however it is slightly lower-priced than competing brands like Simmons and Serta. Above all, you can’t buy the satisfaction you get when you own one.


            Sealy Mattress Warranty

            Designed and building the US just like any other brand Sealy offers a 10-year warranty and has a customer service to answer your queries as well as claims. You can  register your mattress, view your warranty, and file a warranty claim through their website. 

            The Right Comfort

            An added feature that makes a Sealy innerspring mattress different from others is that it provides support to your back and body. This mattress was conceptualised with the help of leading orthopaedic surgeons. It has a special motion separation that conforms to the shape of each user’s body. Having your own Posturepedic mattress from Sealy, your body will thank you for the good posture support it gets every time you lay down on a bed. You’ll experience a peaceful sleep with a Sealy bed.

            Many of today’s mattresses makers spend time in research and development in order to produce a great product. They offer incomparable support that would give you a quiet sleep. Sealy mattresses can race among its closest competitors. They offer products that promote healthy bodies so that you can transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.