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Sealy Optimum Mattress Review

Sealy Optimum Mattress

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            Sealy is one of the world’s largest company that produce beddings. The Sealy Optimum is just one of their products that have different models of mattresses in line. Today we will review the Sealy Optimum series. Let’s check out some specifics below.

            Sealy Optimum Review

            Each Sealy Optimum mattress is made of Cooling Gel Foam from top to bottom, 2” Opticool Gel memory foam with Outlast gold, 1” OptiSense Gel Memory Foam, 7” Gel Opticore, and an optimum foundation that prolonged the life of your mattress.

            Not only that you’ll also love the Sealy adjustable bases that allow you to regulate the bed into the comfort level that you need. This offer combines the healthy benefits of gel foam and the adjustable bed.

            The Optimum series claims to be the first mattress on the market that has cooling gel foam from top to bottom. It was designed to grant you the finest comfort through smart technology for you to achieve a deep, relaxing night of sleep.

            The Good

            Rated by SLTD with 76% owner satisfaction and has an above-average conforming ability. It offers an admirable support for side sleepers. It has shape retention and feels soft despite the firmness. It also improves the quality of sleep by reducing hip and spine pain as you asleep. You don’t either have to worry about the sudden movement made by your partner since it is made of memory foam that minimises motion transfer. The availability of the item is seen in a wide variety of online and regular stores.


            The Negatives

            Significant changes may be seen after three (3) years of usage. Almost all optimum models likely have a similar lifespan. It is not advisable for people weighing 240+ lbs especially when to use it for a longer time. Therefore if you are looking for a highly supportive mattress this isn’t for you.

            Just like the majority of memory foam beds, Sealy Optimum Mattress is one-sided. You’re still required to rotate the beds a few times a year in order to avoid body notches, marks or indentions that develop through wear and tear.

            Sealy Mattress Warranty

            Take note that all mattresses within the Optimum collection come with a 10-year limited warranty. You can usually get a Comfort Dreams mattress through which unfortunately does not accept returns for opened memory foam mattresses.

            The Price

            The price says it all. An Optimum mattress will cost you $650-$3,300 depending on model and size with the average queen costing about $1,600. As you would compare it with other brands with the same specification the price makes it primarily a mid-level as countered to entry level or luxury mattress in the market.

            Good to know

            Memory foam is produced in a multifaceted manner and the process takes the whole day. Memory foam is preferred by mattress makers since it moulds to the sleeper’s body shape and slowly springs back to its original shape. As additional information, memory foam cells are temperature-sensitive which means the warmer they get, the more they compress. Thus when use as a material to make a mattress it reduces discomfort from pressure points. This is why a large amount of memory foam is always in demand.

            This review was written based on owner’s perspective. Your opinion and assessment may differ. Features and specification of the product may change at the time you read this article. Thank you for reading.