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Simmons Beautyrest & Beautysleep Mattress Review

Simmons Beautyrest & Beautysleep

Simmons Beautyrest & Beautysleep



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            Simmons mattress claims to be established for over a century but has been re-organized in 2012. Over the years the company thrived to stay on top of the game. Dedicated to producing good quality products Simmons is proud to be equally competing with other brands like Sealy and Serta.

            Simmons Beautyrest

            Simmons line of Beautyrest mattress includes Beautyrest Recharge, Beautyrest Recharge World Class, Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid, Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Platinum and Platinum Hybrid. These mattresses differ from prices, coil count, comfort layer and firmness.

            Beautyrest Recharge is the affordable mattress; if you’re on a budget this is the mattress for you. Price starts at $440 and goes up depending on the size. It has 800-850 coil count and 11.5-15inches thick. It is firm but not hard therefore for me this mattress is just in between; the thickness is just enough to support your back when you’re sleeping.

            Beautyrest Recharge World Class is next to Beautyrest Recharge when we talked about affordability. Still considered cheapest but of good quality mattress which price starts at $800.  It is made of air-cool memory foam with micro gel touch, 1000 coil count and 13-17 inch thickness. 

            Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid this mattress combines the feature of a basic and world class Beautyrest mattress. 12-15.5 Inch thickness and still has the 1000 coil for a smooth level support. Your $820 can give you a Beautyrest sleep that you’ll cherish. Not bad for a hybrid mattress.

            Beautyrest Black this mattress is Simmons’ entry for a luxury-level comfort. It has an urban classy design that you’ll love. Price starts at $1125 which is still good on your pocket. It has 1000 coil 12.5-18.5” inch thickness with micro diamond memory and gel foam.  The company weighed down all the premium materials in this mattress to ensure that they’ll deliver a perfect product that will give long lasting benefits to the consumers.

            Beautyrest Platinum offers a more chic design on your $500 for a twin size.12.5-16 Inch thickness and 1000 coils will give you the Platinum support. With 1.5-3 inch gel memory foam, you’ll still experience the great feeling of comfort in this Platinum mattress.

            Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid is Simmons’ middle priced mattress giving you enough thickness and comfort layers of firmness.  From extra firm to ultra plush depending on the size you choose. Price starts at $1380 for you to experience longer and calm sleep. It still has 1000 coils with 14.4-15.5 Inch thickness. Since it is a hybrid meaning it is a mixture of different products rolled into a unique one.


            Simmons Beautysleep

            Devoted to making the best and reasonably priced mattress Simmon launches Beautysleep mattress for consumers who are budget conscious.  Making it distinct from Simmons Beautyrest’s compacted coil design, Beautysleep coils are traditionally designed. This gives way for the company to lower the cost and produce a more economical product.  At $340 you can have a twin Beautysleep mattress.

            Beautysleep still had undergone state of the art technology and can compete with other brands in the market. Although not a high end and high-class type of mattress Simmons’ standard quality procedure is still at stake.

            The Evaluation

            Beautysleep mattresses offer great value for your money however it will not give you the luxury you’re looking for in a high class and more expensive mattress. Then again, if you have body problems like back aches I don’t recommend you to purchase one.  On the other hand, Beautyrest is a higher end product. Though much more expensive, the comfort level is much higher. It offers improved performance and can last longer.

            The above-stated information’s are provided for you to decide what mattress to choose. The review above was compared based on the average mattress in the market.  Before deciding to consider your sleep position or pattern in this way you’ll maximise the feature of the mattress you are planning to buy. Sleep pattern is the reason why most people complain, remember that it matters put in mind the effect of the wrong mattress on your body.