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Sleep Number Bed Review

Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Bed



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            Manufactured by Select Comfort from Minneapolis, Sleep Number is known for their adjustable airbeds. Leading in the game, no other company had produced the same product that they have. That is why they stand out from other mattress makers.

            Series of Sleep Number Bed Models

            Sleep Number has four (4) line series of products. They differ in materials and price.  Let’s have a quick look on each model.

            Classic Series– This classic series has two chic model styles which are C2 and C4. The standard model has the lowest price. A twin size C2 will cost you $699.98 while a twin size C4 priced at $1499.98. They differ on size measured from the based on the top of the mattress.  Both have Flexfit adjustable bases, breathable fabric and Sleep IQ technology. Get the benefits of an exceptional technology when you buy one.

            Performance Series – This performance series has two (2) models to offer which are P5 and P6. This series has Dual Air adjustability, 11” and 12” profile, 5 zones of contouring support, Flexi-fit, Sleep IQ and soft breathable fabric. Price starts at $1199.99 for a twin size bed.

            Memory Foam Series – As Sleep number slogan says “Memory foam that cools and contours and adjusts”. A queen size bed will cost you $ 2999.98. Enjoy comforting bed that naturally contours.

            Innovation Series – You have three (3) models to choose from this innovation series which includes i10, i10, iLE. They differ in sizes and zones of memory foam but they all give you good quality of sleep.  i8 has Temperature balancing innovation, i10 offers Luxurious comfort with temperature balancing Innovation and iLE is the limited edition offer wherein you have the option to include SleepIQ technology and FlexFit Adjustable Bases.


            Overall Comfort

            Sleep number mattresses materials are mostly foam that delivers comfort and air for support. The mattresses can be adjusted by adding or removing air from it using an electric pump. You can adjust the setting on your own preference. Sleep number mattress stays to compete in the market and their rating of above average comfortability with back pain relief potential makes them hanging in for more years in the mattress business. 


            Sleep Number beds are modular which means every part of the bed can be replaced and repaired that is why it can last longer compared to other brands of mattresses in the market. From support foam to controllers you can call Select Comfort if you experience any problem using it. They will repair it or will send a replacement.


            Sleep Number Warranty

            Sleep Number offers a 25-year limited warranty, wherein the non-prorated coverage ends after the second year of ownership. Take note that after the first two years the owner is responsible for all shipping costs whenever there’s a repair or replacement to be made. That’s a no-win situation for the owner.

            The review above was based on comparing Sleep number to other local brands. Price and other features stated may vary and may change at the time you read this article.