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            Founded in 1926 by Francis Karr, Spring Air is under current ownership since 2009. Having 13 domestic factories and 22 international licensees Spring Air caters 32 countries worldwide. For over the years Spring Air has set standard quality in the mattress making industry.

            Spring Air Mattresses

            Spring Air materials make the brand and put them where they are today. Their mattresses have one or more of the following materials inside the regular foam, gel memory foam, latex, cashmere, silk, mini coils. The material that gives so much support to user’s body when using the mattress consists of open offset coils or pocket coils. Spring Air collection of the line includes Back Supporter, Sleep Sense, Chattam & Wells, and Four Seasons.


            The Good Side

            Spring Air caters the mid-level consumers that are why many of their models are at valued priced. They also offer a variety of comfort levels. Comfort level among owners varies in every Spring Air model; thus those models that have memory foam and or latex tend to perform best. On the issue of motion isolation Spring Air beds, the overall rate is about average. Particular models with individually encased and or pocket coils tend to have no issue at all.

            Spring Air has a well-conforming mattress that moulds and contours the body which result in cradling. This is best experienced in a memory foam and or latex. However this conforming ability may vary based on a Spring Air model. A Spring Air model that has individually encased or pocket coils is efficient in motion isolation. They lessen the motion created when your partner moves.

            The Negative Side

            According to SLTD Spring Air mattresses, garnered 67% owner satisfaction. Having that rating is fairly fair. Like most of the complaints I heard is sagging and it is the main cause of dissatisfaction among Spring Air mattress owners. However, this is bearable since almost all mattresses with the same specification have the same problem. This is true among another brand  about 20% report within the first three years of ownership experience sagging may that  resulted in significant loss of support and comfort on the part of the owner.


            When buying you may consider your budget and needs. A Spring Air will cost you $450-$2000 depending on size and model. An average queen may cost you about $850. Please note that you need to pay an extra cost for the foundation.

            As for warranty Spring Air mattresses usually, have a non-prorated 10-year warranty. This is common to other brands.

            On the other hand, while other brands are being a complaint regarding customer service; at Spring Air Customer service is handled carefully and queries are answered immediately. The company was rated “B” by SLTD (Sleep like the Dead) which was verified by averaging the above company ratings.

            For over 90 years, Spring Air has set the standard for quality mattresses and sleep systems. Remember that a good night’s sleep is best achieved with great mattresses. These mattresses can both support the body and relieve pressure where it is needed most.