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            Since 1992 Tempur-pedic leads the game in mattress making. Today it is one of the largest companies that manufacture memory foam mattress. Currently, it has three (3) lines of design to offer which includes Tempur-Contour, Tempur-Cloud, and Tempur-Flex. Tempur-Contour is a solid and contouring bed, Tempur-Cloud has a supple and supportive effect on the body while Tempur-Flex has a quick response to body movement. Below is an overall review for all Tempur-Pedic beds.

            Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam

            The material used to produce Tempur-pedic mattress is visco-elastic foam or most commonly known as memory foam. This type of material responds to body heat and contours human form. It doesn’t sag and reverts back to its original shape. The quality of Tempur-pedic foam sets them apart from the rest. The usual foam ranges from 2.5 to 2.9 pounds per cubic foot, while Tempur-Pedic mattress foam has a density of 5.34 pounds per cubic foot.


            Appealing look

            The Tempur-Pedic overall look is presented in a designer appeal with good looks mattress covers that zip off for easy machine washing. This is a high-end mattress and looks luxurious outside making it look more expensive with its crochet design. Top with layers of TEMPUR material for a cushiony effect.


            Tempur-Pedic prices differ as it depends on style and size. Their lowest priced mattress is the Tempur-Cloud Prima which cost $1199 for a twin and up to $2299 for the King. The Tempur-pedic highest priced mattress is GrandBed which will cost you $8599 for the King and Cal King.


            Based on owners experience Tempur-Pedic’s is more durable compared to other brands. It will likely last up to 8 years much longer than the ordinary memory foam mattress. Like any other mattress, lifespan may vary according to the user’s care. The wear and tear of any product depends on its owner.


            Tempur Pedic Warranty

            Tempur-Pedic beds warranty is 10 years, non-prorated coverage and a 90-day trial period. However, it will cost you $175 for shipping for returns on trials. This is usually present in all 90 day trial period.

            The Bad side

            Most consumers complain of higher price Tempur-pedic is relatively expensive and a low budget consumer can’t afford it. Since higher price doesn’t always mean good quality; compared to other low-end beds Tempur-pedic has 80-85% satisfaction, while inexpensive beds with similar specifications have garnered 90-95% rate on reviews.

            When it comes to comfort thick layers of memory foam make you feel hard to move. Owners who move a lot and switch position when sleeping have the difficulty moving. Making it in-perfect fit for partners sharing a bed.

            Accordingly, about 10% of owners complain about heat sensation on Tempur-pedic Contour and Cloud lines. Another bad side would be 20% of owner’s complains about the customer service being unresponsive when it comes to their warranty claim.

            Overall Satisfaction

            For the overall satisfaction rating, Tempur-pedic rates above average compared to its competitors. Reports conclude an above average pain relief, mattress longevity, availability of diversified models and improved sleep.

            Although there is a bad side improvement is still obtainable. The information above is based on owners report and your own assessment may differ.